Top 15 Luxury Furniture Brands at MOTIF in 2024

18 Apr
By Rapeeporn Patvivatanasiri

What Is Luxury Furniture?

What Is Luxury Furniture?

Luxury furniture refers to items that are crafted with exquisite materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and unique designs. High-end furniture is often manufactured by hand and customized. Its manufacture is meticulously planned down to the last detail, making every piece so appealing and timelessly pleasing. In addition to its high-class appearance, luxurious furniture provides exceptional quality and durability, guaranteeing the customers’ ultimate comfort and an exquisite experience.

Are luxury furniture brands worth the cost?

Expert craftsmanship and premium materials are given priority by luxury furniture brands. Consequently, the furniture boasts extraordinary quality and durability, making it capable of enduring such a long period, even for generations. Additionally, each luxury furniture brand possesses its own unique narrative, and the artists draw inspiration from diverse sources and translate it into their own creations. These works of art are often meticulously handcrafted, requiring exceptional skill and attention to detail in every piece of craftsmanship. Purchasing luxurious furniture is absolutely worthwhile if you value durability, excellent quality, and artistic crafts.

Top 15 Luxury Furniture Brands at MOTIF

If you desire to enhance your living space with some high-end furniture or decorate your white empty wall from scratch, we have compiled a list of the top 15 luxury furniture brands that will elevate your standard of living.

1. Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa

In 1987, Fendi embarked on its venture into home furnishings, introducing a luxury furniture brand that combines modern design with the desires of contemporary living. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Fendi Casa furniture advocates for the utilization of premium materials like leather, wood, and fabric, meticulously crafted by skilled Italian artisans.

2. Dolce & Gabbana Casa

Dolce & Gabbana Casa

Dolce & Gabbana Casa, an Italian luxury furniture brand established in 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, aims to create unique and luxurious homes. At Dolce & Gabbana Casa, the fusion of modernity and tradition with impeccable craftsmanship caters to a worldwide audience, offering refined experiences. Each product is enriched with character and depth through D&G’s careful selection of exquisite materials.

3. Armani Casa

Armani Casa

Armani Casa is a luxurious Italian furniture brand that produces furniture with simple lines. Armani continues to develop new minimalist luxury collections designed to provide ultimate relaxation and maximum comfort to customers.

4. Gamma Arredamenti

Gamma Arredamenti

Gamma Arredamenti is an Italian furniture brand, founded in 1974 by Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Botti. Starting off with a friendship and a shared passion for furniture, Gamma values the quality of handcraft and elegance in every detail. Its leather products include contemporary shapes and modern furniture such as sofas, sectionals, beds, armchairs, chairs, and coffee tables.

5. Penta


Since 1975, Penta has provided a contemporary experience marked by cutting-edge lighting fixture designs. Rooted in the concept of timeless elegance, Penta understands the idea of sought-after and translates aspirations into designs that prioritize a balance between formal beauty and functionality. Additionally, Penta draws inspiration from the master craftsmen who pour their passion into each piece, integrating tradition with cutting-edge technology to elevate their lighting fixtures. With all production 100% made in Italy, Penta consistently delivers a modern aesthetic infused with everyday experience.

6. Moooi


Founded in 2001 in the Netherlands by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, Moooi is a Dutch furniture brand that creates original, creative, rebellious, and sophisticated furniture and home accessories. Typically, “Mooi” is a Dutch word for beauty. Adding the extra “o” to it conveys the extra meaning of beauty and extraordinariness to its brand.

7. Cierre


Cierre is an Italian furniture company, founded in 1972 by Romano and Cesarina Conficconi. The brand is pioneering Italian leather furniture, incorporating the full production cycle from the design process to finished products. Each item is manufactured by hand, with about 130 craftsmen producing the refined and sophisticated pieces, making the products look unique and of high quality.

8.Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon, a leading British luxury design brand specializing in contemporary lighting, high-end furniture, and accessories, was established in 2002. Tom Dixon’s products are inspired by British roots and combine high-quality materials with innovative designs that result in unique products for everyday use.

9. Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia, founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, is renowned for its contemporary designs that undergo meticulous handcrafting by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. Driven by passion and an appreciation for artistry, Cattelan Italia crafts pieces that radiate opulence and uniqueness, boasting both stunning aesthetics and exceptional functionality.

10. Sovet Italia

Sovet Italia

Sovet Italia, founded in 1987, blends the rich tradition of Italian craftsmanship with contemporary design concepts to create distinctive, refined, and versatile furniture pieces. Their creations seamlessly complement various environments and evoke a sense of comfort and well-being that enrich everyday living.

11. Fiam Italia

Fiam Italia

Fiam Italia, a high-end furniture brand founded in 1973, is renowned for its production of curved glass furniture pieces. Spanning a wide range of materials and innovative solutions, Fiam Italia’s exploration of design is extensive. For those seeking to incorporate glass furniture into their homes, Fiam Italia offers the ideal choice, offering exquisite craftsmanship and contemporary elegance.

12. Ditre Italia

Ditre Italia

Ditre Italia is a high-end furniture brand from Italy, founded in 1976 by the De Marchi brothers. All products are crafted by professionals; from the woodwork to the finished products, every production process features meticulous techniques and attention to detail, making Ditre Italia one of the most sought-after items of furniture and other home products.

13. Tonelli Design

Tonelli Design

Tonelli Design specializes in crafting furniture pieces using glass. Originating in the mid-1980s, the brand draws inspiration from Italy’s rich and enduring tradition of glassmaking, entrusting the intricate process to skilled artisans.

14. Estel


Estel is a successful Italian furniture manufacturer founded in 1937. It is particularly well-known for its office furniture, and the company’s inventive mindset is demonstrated by its constant search for fresh concepts and pursuit of elegance combined with adaptable solutions.

15. Fontana Arte

Fontana Arte

Fontana Arte, founded in 1932, is a renowned luxury lighting brand from Milan, Italy. With meticulous research and a commitment to enduring quality, Fontana Arte employs traditional methods to meticulously craft each lighting fixture, emphasizing timeless value in every creation.

Why Choose MOTIF?

Why Choose MOTIF?

We MOTIF are a retailer specializing in high-end contemporary furniture, importing exclusive bespoke luxury furniture brands worldwide. Featuring over 20 exquisite furniture labels, we believe each item in our collection radiates luxury, as well as comfort. Additionally, we offer interior design services and trials, guaranteeing an exceptional experience as you luxuriate in comfort and elegance within your living space.

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