Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon, a leading British design and manufacturing company of lighting, furniture, and accessories collections, was established in 2002. The brand draws inspiration from Britain's heritage, with a focus on innovation to revitalize the British furniture industry.

Self-taught designer Tom Dixon showcases an unparalleled level of creativity. He transformed salvaged steel into groundbreaking furniture pieces, setting himself apart with his extraordinary vision and innovation.


Tom Dixon furniture combines durable materials with innovative designs for products that are truly unique. Tom Dixon’s furniture features iconic pieces by Tom Dixon himself, renowned for the brand’s distinctive contemporary items inspired by timeless British archetypes, such as tables, chairs, dining chairs, sofas, stools, and other signature furniture items.


Tom Dixon was among the first designers to use the industrial process of vacuum metallization to create lighting. His collections cover contemporary pendants, floor, and table lights. Tom Dixon's range of lighting accessories includes an innovative pendant system to create a clustered lighting look. All of Tom Dixon's designs are inspired by Britain’s unique heritage and are designed in London, using unique processes and materials.


Contemporary gifts and accessories by Tom Dixon are the full collection of everyday home accessories: giftware and design objects formed from honest and resilient materials. The range includes table-top dining accessories, bowls, vases, scented candles, diffusers, and design objects for the home.

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What Does Tom Dixon Make?

Tom Dixon specializes in luxury furniture, lighting and accessories.

What Is Tom Dixon’s Famous Design?

The iconic "S" chair is Tom Dixon’s famous piece. However, the piece that first attracted attention to the Tom Dixon brand was Fresh Fat, a chair made of plastic. Producing “Fresh Fat” demands remarkable speed and precision, as the plastic must maintain its molten state throughout the crafting process.

Is Tom Dixon a Good Brand?

Yes, Tom Dixon is well-known for transforming the ordinary into something exceptional. The brand’s design creations are meticulously crafted with distinct style statements. If you're in search of unmatched, one-of-a-kind home accessories, Tom Dixon could be your perfect choice.