MODEL 360°
DESIGNER Konstantin Grcic, 2010



360° is a collection composed of chair, stool,
table and container on wheels, which opens
the way to a new concept of office work.
The chair (and also the stool) 360° is, in fact,
an unconventional chair, or it would be better
not to call it chair at all, as it certainly has
little to do with the common idea of chair.
360° is, in fact, neither a stool nor a chair,
but something in-between.
Its name implies that it swivels around and
that one can sit on it in all directions.
360° is not intended for long stints of work
in a static position, but it encourages a
form of dynamic sitting, short term, ad hoc,
improvised - moving around.
Therefore, it can be considered as a
forerunner of the office chair of the future.


glossy ABS. Joining tube in