DESIGNER Eero Aarnio, 2005



Me Too is Magis’ collection of accessories
and furniture created by major designers
especially for the world of children, and
Puppy is one of the most iconic products
in the collection. Created by Eero Aarnio,
master of Scandinavian design culture and
innovator on the international scene ever
since the sixties, Puppy is a little dog as
imagined by the great designer, whose aim
was to see through children’s eyes when
they draw puppies. A head, a body and
legs: essential, rounded shapes that come
to life in a friendly, playful, durable and
colourful object. Made of polyethylene, and
produced using rotational moulding, the
piece is guaranteed to be both sturdy and
lightweight, ready for endless moments of
play and fun, both in the house and out of
doors. Puppy comes in orange, white, green
and “dalmatian”, and in four different sizes,
all made to measure for children, their tastes
and their spaces.


rotational-moulded polyethylene.
Suitable for outdoor use.
Magis Me Too logo is stamped on each
product of our collection vouching for their