MODEL Big Will
DESIGNER Philippe Starck, 2015



Big Will extending table marks a new chapter
in a gripping story, in which the Magis
philosophy and technology, with its friendly
shapes and rigorous production, meets the
creative spirit of Philippe Starck, design star
of indisputable fame. Big Will’s most striking
and characterful features are its wheels –
positioned at the extending end of the table -
and the die-cast aluminium structure, which
comes either in a glossy finish or painted
white or black. The top is in glossy or acidetched tempered glass, while the extension
leaf is in glossy or matt finish MDF.
It measures 200 x 100 cm closed, but with
two 50-cm extension leaves, it can reach a
maximum overall length of three metres. The
table can be extended effortlessly, without
needing to lift it, simply by gliding the
extending end on the floor thanks to the two
wheels, and to a patented sliding and locking
mechanism developed especially for Big Will.
Thus, this is an elegant, high-profile table,
the fruit of several years of research to
achieve that “more than” that Magis always
seeks, as its very name reveals.


legs in die-cast aluminium, polished
or painted. Crosspieces in aluminium,
polished or painted. Tops in tempered glass
(glossy) or acid-etched (matt). Wheels
and feet in rubber. Leaves in MDF laminate
painted (glossy or matt).