MODEL Le Nuvole
DESIGNER Francesco Lucchese


This mono bloc sofa stands out for its extreme elegance and offers moments of absolute relaxation thanks to its generous dimensions and soft touch formal design. The concept is based on extreme personalization and modularity. Le Nuvole allows for the creation of custom configurations, of the open and closed variety, in an alternating pattern of solids and voids, by introducing pouf elements between the seats, for a living space that is absolutely made to measure.


-Structure of the base in wood with elastic straps, with pad in expanded
polyurethane covered with feather mattress
-Seat with feather mattress upholstered in cotton.
-Backrest feather cushions with insert in expanded polyurethane,
upholstered in cotton
-Feet in beech-wood painted black
-Elements upholstered in completely removable fabric